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Total Health, LLC

We're not just a vendor we are a partner. At Total Health we strive to become a partner and share your goals and objectives. We work with you to develop a quality and cost-effective onsite solutions to improve your employees' health and productivity while reducing health care costs to your business operation.

We are focused on your employees' health. From screenings, to routine checkups, to ongoing physical therapy and diabetes care, our approach makes it easier for people to stay on top of their needs and take ownership of their health. We strongly believe in a collaborative approach to attaining desired goals, such as losing weight, getting in shape, or managing chronic conditions. We believe a healthy and physically fit employee is a happy and productive employee.

Included in this effort is a focus on screening and prevention protocols. Using health assessments and biometric screenings, we identify risks and implement effective programs and services targeting specific risk segments. By preventing illness and keeping existing conditions under control we reduce your costs and enhance employee attendance and productivity.

We cover the Coast with convenient locations. Total Health provides your employees convenient access to onsite and near-site primary care and specialty services. We offer onsite clinics and in partnership with Memorial Hospital at Gulfport we have sixteen walk-in clinics spanning the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. One of our locations is always convenient to your employees, even when they're at home or out in the community.

We utilize the latest in medical technology. Using electronic medical records we are able to share secure medical information among our providers enabling them to prescribe a personalized treatment plan to treat existing conditions as well as address future health risks.

Total Health, LLC

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