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1. Health Risk Assessment. Total Health provides a yearly health risk assessment for all Eligible Persons. The parameters for such Health Risk Assessments vary depending on the age of the patient and may include the following:

(a) Measurement of patients' height, weight and blood pressure.

(b) Consideration of lifestyle factors or the conducting of certain tests or screenings which may include: smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise, nutrition, safety, mental health screening, cancer screening, cholesterol screening, diabetes screening, contraception and sexually transmitted disease awareness, PSA screening for males 40 and over, PAP smears and referrals for mammograms for females as indicated, and motor vehicle safety and seatbelt usage.

2. Workman's Compensation Case Management. Employees with non-emergent and non-severe on the job injuries will be seen in the clinic for an initial assessment and treatment. Referrals to specialists, if necessary, will be coordinated, by our Nurse Practitioners and they will coordinate follow-up visits with patients for further treatiment if needed. Our Nurse Practitioners will also work closely with the business's risk management department to minimize lost work hours in accordance with reasonable guidelines and good clinical judgment.

3. Routine Medical Care. The following Services are Provided:

(a) Drug screenings
(b) Physicals including: routine annual, Department of Transportation, school, sports, pre-employment
(c) Primary Care
(d) Well Woman Exams, PAP Smears, referrals for mammograms and PSA screening for men 40 and over
(e) Communication with Eligible Person's Primary Care Provider about chronic disease processes, if authorized to do so by the Eligible Person
(f) Treatment, education, and counseling for: hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and weight management, safety and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, injury prevention, domestic violence, and tobacco and alcohol abuse
(g) Diabetic foot care
(h) Health Risk Assessment
(i) Minor injury stabilization and care
(j) Minor suturing and wound care

4. Sick Visits On-Site. The Nurse Practitioner is avaiable to provide assistance to persons suffering from ailments, including, but not limited to the following: bronchitis, ear infections, conjunctivitis, simple migraines, mono, rashes, contact dermatitis, muscle strains, back pain, minor lacerations, allergies, asthma, colds, flu, prostatitis, reflux, h. pylori, gout, urinary tract infections, osteoarthritis, simple hypertension, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, otitis externa, sinusitis, skin conditions, musculoskeletal problems, gastrointestinal problems, gynecologic problems, and other minor ailments.

5. Laboratory. Blood collection and lab testing services is available to all Covered Persons.

6. Injections and CLIA Waived Testing. Immunizations (e.g. influenza), certain injections, and CLIA waived testing such as Strep testing, Mononucleosis testing, Urinalysis, and urine pregnancy tests are offered.

7. Drug Screening. Total Health has its own Medical Review Officer. Total Health performs urine drug screenings during regular office hours.

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